Cod and Ham Fritters with Sweetcorn Salsa


As you will soon realise if you stick with this blog (because you’ve been seduced by the photography…) is that I like to tweak recipes. Recipes are there for the tweaking, unless precision baking then stick to your buns.  So this was a recipe ever so slightly tweaked from the Telegraph by the addition of some pecorino for saltiness and paprika for colour.  Salt cod (bacalao) would have been more favourable too, as I’d tasted in a recent trip to Spain (post to follow) but the addition of ham makes it tasty.


I opted out on mincing the fish and chopped it into small chunks because I’m lacking in the magimix department, but this way you avoid the sometimes rubbery thai fishcake texture in place of a natural flake to the fish.

As for the salsa, I’m going through a Mexican phase at the moment, which will probably be reflected by the posts for the rest of the year and this was a Jamie Oliver recipe my brother served up once that I – wait for it – tweaked. If you’re less rustic than I am you’d probably have cut the onion and chilli the same size as the corn kernels…  I bought some really nice Vittoria cherry tomatoes from Sainsbury’s so baked them in some olive oil and squashed them down to dress the salsa.

So Miley Cyrus, tweaking is best, you basically come up with your own whole new recipe that resembles nothing of the original apart from a glimmer of inspiration.


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