Roast Chicken, baked Sweet Potato chips with Courgette and Carrot


Roast chicken is so versatile, I could have done a blog solely on things to pair with roast chicken.  This chook was roasted with sage, lemon and garlic.

I’m a firm believer in the meat not being the star of the show, veggies should be treated with equal attention and taste equally as good so it’s just a succulent marriage in your mouth.  The key to baked sweet potato fries is plenty of that gimmicky but good 1 calorie oil spray and polenta.


The courgette and carrot is something we do at home adapted from a Provencal version we were served on holiday (weirdly not to Provence, to somewhere in France, probably closer to England).  Usually we grate it but this way you limit your wrist action and it looks prettier.  Keep the veg flat on a board and peel it though so you don’t get stubby bits like mine.  Then it’s just simply sautéed with herbs and a little stock if prefered.

Perfect Sunday Lunch, the post that follows is the dessert and drinks that followed.


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