Strawberry sauce and Strawberry and Ginger Cooler

Lesson 1: Macerate your strawberries.  Lesson 2 should be along the lines of learn how to edit better so the following ‘before and after’ shots from two cameras looks nicer than below.  Steep a punnet of strawberries in a spoonful of sugar and you’ve got a dozen more ways to use them, with a more intense flavour than when raw, especially as we’re not into their season yet.




Blend them down and top on ice cream, I chose the last of our Haagen Daz Macadamia Nut Brittle.  The sauce does that delicious thing of setting on top of the scoop.


Now for the cooler, just mix with tonic, ginger beer, maybe some some rum (vodka/gin) over ice.  Some fresh mint muddled in would be nice too, strawberry mojito style.  I recently had an addictive, strong Ginger Siam at Sukhothai in Leeds (best Thai outside of Thailand), which had pieces of raw fresh ginger.Image

In Spain (post to come) we had the hugest strawberries, if you dare mess around with them, do it this way: macerate.


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