Feta baked Lamb Koftas with grilled Cucumbers and Flatbreads


Firstly I just want to say hello to all my new, international blogger friends and thanks for your facebook support!  I feel like I’m part of a virtual WI, not to mention the beautifully coloured-in map developing on my stats page.

Onto the lamb, I overcompensated with herbs and spices because I baked the lamb once and drained the fat off before baking it again with feta.  At this stage I used the magic ingredient, pomegranate molasses. Pomegranate molasses are the Middle East’s answer to the Mediterranean’s balsamic vinegar, it’s got a great sharpness and is perfect with meat.ImageImage

I pretty much just googled flatbreads and this is what I came up with, overbaked but still good, and I couldn’t resist a flourish of onion seeds on the top (though they pretty much all fell off).Image

I don’t know why cucumbers (and lettuces) aren’t cooked more, just salt them and grill them and they taste fruitier.Image

What would also be complimentary with this are those lime green, pickled chillies served with shawarmas and some tzatziki.  And next time I think I’ll put little currants in the meat like M & S does so you have little pockets of sweetness.  Endless possibilities with this one.


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