Beef Enchiladas


As I mentioned before, Mexican food is my favourite at the moment.  I must like it so much because it shares the same balance as Sri Lankan food, fiercely hot mixed with fresh, fruity sweetness.

I haven’t gotten my hands on any chipotle chillies yet so I just whacked in the hottest paprika La Boqueria market had to offer into my chilli, along with dried chilli flakes and a tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce.  When people talk about adding salt little by little because you can add but you can’t take away, that’s not the attitude I have with chilli in my chilli.  Add a load and then serve sour cream accordingly.


I used minced beef but shredded chicken is a popular option.  All the Latin American eating out experience I have is chain restaurants but they’ve all been pretty good: Tortilla, Las Iguanas and Wahaca.  They rank in that order, though Tortilla and Wahaca are only based on single trips and Wahaca gets extra brownie points because it’s Thomasina Miers’ (from Masterchef) restaurants.  Sidenote: £800 to partake in a cooking course at Thomasina’s home!  In all these chains they usually serve some equivalent of barbacoa, a delicious slow cooked method of cooking meat like pulled pork, which tops mince and chicken any day.


Mexican is so easy to make though, and Old El Paso can hit the road, I think they’re like when Italian food hit England and everyone used Dolmio and now they’ve had to rebrand and go 100% natural (plus puppets) to get anyone to buy them.


Watch this space as I imagine there’ll be a lot more Mexican to blog about, if I continue living in hope of a holiday to Mexico.   Image

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