Pineapple Frangipane Tart


This is one of the best items for teatime, one of the few to stand up to a good cake or scone.  Different from a traditional Bakewell, I added ground cashews/ cadju to the frangipane and layered over pineapple jam for a Sri Lankan twist.  It’s a versatile tart, add pears or figs, just go easy on any almond extract or else it’ll have that artificial Mr Kipling taste.

Sweet shortcrust is the easiest pastry to make, for everything else you can be satisfied in using ‘Jus-Rol’, I use a recipe from the old M&S St Michael Decorative Cakes book, a legendary book series matched only by the Australian Women’s Weekly.


With the leftover pastry I poked in a few flaked almonds, baked them and sprinkled with icing sugar.  Never throw these little bits away, as long as there is dip (or nutella in this case), there’s need for them.


It might be a slight mission making the different components but no blind-baking required means you can pop the raw tart in the oven for an hour and forget about it.  So if you have time to whip a cake together, consider this instead as a delightful change.


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