Game Pie

ImageDon’t deem it posh to get game from Windsor farm, I mean it is but this was reasonably priced and where else are you going to get mixed game in a nice pie-sized portion (shot pellet free)?  Though it is hard to distinguish which meat is which, you’ll figure it out when you eat it.


Game is pretty easy to cook with as you’re safe with going classical and getting a delicious result. Red, red wine, shallots and bacon, had I have had some button mushrooms and little Chantenay carrots I would have added them to the mix too.


A pie is the best introduction to game too, the rich sauce means that you can disguise the meat and get a better reaction than serving up rabbit on a spit. That sounded very Sweeney Todd but it’s baffling to me that meat eaters wouldn’t like game.  Still there are a number of foods I refuse to eat so I’ll reserve judgement.


To bake I threw in some parsley and encased the pie filling in puff.  I always tend to do a milk wash on a pastry lid of this small size otherwise you’re wasting an egg and you get the same golden colour.



See my FULL RECIPE at The Bubble.

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