Gnocchi falls into the category of dishes you should make yourself, supermarket versions aren’t as fluffy, they’re dense and hard and you’re better off spending less on raw potatoes and investing more time for these dumplings.  I follow and have always followed (due to its sparkling success) the Sam Stern recipe from the cringey but great Cooking Up A Storm cookbook.  Direct quote, ‘girls love gnocchi’.  Regular readers are probably forming an idea of my retro, un-stylish cookery bookshelf now.


If you’re trying to get extremely smooth mash (and you don’t have a ricer) use the method in this recipe: bake potatoes and mash with a fork.  When baking potatoes follow the law of Heston aka science, rub with oil and bake at 200°C for over an hour till the flesh is like butter.  Also you can load the skins up with cheese and bacon for a double-y good fill.






A footnote I would add to Stern’s recipe is that you should boil the gnocchi immediately after shaping them, otherwise regardless of putting them in the fridge or not they’ll deform and stick together (easily remedied but a bit of a faff).




I’ve never had herbs to hand to add to the dough but it’d be good to try.  Or next time beetroot or sweet potato gnocchi.  Sauce-wise it pretty much goes with anything but a sage butter or tomato sauce compliments the gnocchi excellently.


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