Chocolate Marshmallows


I love marshmallows.  I love all the foods I blog about but marshmallows are what I order several packs of when my parents go to Sri Lanka, they’re a bit hit and miss there now but the supermarket ones used to be so light and fluffy and in lovely pastel shades, unlike the dense pink and white ones you get here (though I still eat them and BBQ them).



The recipe I used was from a recent Waitrose Food Monthly/Food Illustrated, whatever they’re calling themselves now.  Great magazines, I have cuttings from most of them, they were probably my earliest exposure to food porn.  You can see what they’re supposed to look like here, in comparison to mine that look like they’ve been sweating in a hot kitchen, too soft a set I think.


When making marshmallows it’s the same method as sometimes opted for for macarons, italian meringue, egg whites with hot sugar syrup beated in.  You don’t need a sugar thermometer to make the soft ball sugar syrup, but use glucose along with your sugar and water rather than golden syrup if you’re apprehensive of burning it.


Marshmallow derivatives I also like, the best being the innuendo-ey German teacakes Dickmann’s (the dark chocolate ones!) available in super and mini.  I could have made them with this marshmallow as it was pretty soft, I think I could have done with some more gelatine.  They sort of absorbed their icing sugary cocoa coating but I enjoyed their cloud-like texture.  Appreciate my artfully fallen marshmallow below, it didn’t occur as a result of me stacking to many marshmallows, not at all.  



2 thoughts on “Chocolate Marshmallows

  1. theintrovertedchilli says:

    It was my first time making marshmallows. Thank you Dave, we have a varied diet in our household! Loving all the Great British Menu dishes on your site, hope to see you on Masterchef someday/ start a supper club, I’ll be your first customer! Shini

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