Blueberry Semifreddo

ImageSo this is a semi-semifreddo because it’s not quite a traditional, Sicilian, made with custard, nougat affair but it has the same Viennetta(minus the chocolate)-type  texture.  I took the recipe from the BBC Good Food website and substituted the raspberries for blueberries, and limoncello for kirsch.  This is possibly the easiest method ever, no cooking required, no worries about curdling custard, just mix and leave enough time for freezing.  So with blueberry season around the corner this is a perfect alternative to ice cream.


ImageImageImageShort blog post for today but this week I’m actually getting some food writing and photography training (!) so maybe I’ll add some more epicurean terminology to my vocab and will acquire skills in photographing dishes with secret steaming cloths behind them.  Watch this space (warning: no doubt expect mason jars and paper straws).

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