Courgette and Feta Fritters


I feel like these were more fashionable a few years back, I had made them before and deep-fried them but I figured it’d be easier to use a shallow-fry recipe I had seen on Pinterest, which turned out to be a bad idea…
ImageExhibit A below shows the Pinterest recipe batter, measuring quantities in (the stupidest measurement) cups and basically leaving you with a burnt mass of crumbs stuck to the base of your pan.  To be fair I could have squeezed more water out of the courgette, but there was not enough egg to bind the mixture.Image

So Exhibit B below is the rescued batter (adding more flour and egg) referring to the Hairy Bikers recipe I originally used when deep frying. Note, I used shallots instead of spring onions because I love onions and like this they’re almost like an onion bhaji flavour.  The recipe is from an old Hairy Bikers book when Si had glasses, I don’t think the recipes from it were televised but it’s really good and has a whole bit on bike journeys if you’re interested in bike journeys.
I continued shallow-frying the fritters but this is just a lesson that it isn’t always the best option to shallow-fry over deep-frying, because it did turn out greasier, and if there’s any other use for oil, it might as well be these.Image

The fritters tasted extremely good after an evening standing over a saucepan, despite a little artery clogging, they’re salty, savoury; so what if they’re a throwback to the noughties? (It is Thursday!) This is just the tip of the throwback recipe iceberg. 


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