EUROVISION 2014 ~ Danish Cuisine


Since we couldn’t make it to Denmark, I made my interpretation of Danish food at home.  I opted not to serve fish because I figured a more German-Danish menu would be more popular.  Also having never been to Denmark and having visited Germany lots I thought it was safer to go with the more familiar dishes.

The menu (after help from wikipedia) read like this:

Frikadeller – little burger patties, I made them with beef though my research tells me they’re traditionally made with a mixture of beef, pork and veal but we had pork sausages to come so I didn’t want to overkill on pork.  I added the usually meatball binding material, egg white (from my new favourite product Two chicks egg white in a carton- watch out for meringue blog post!), herbs, fresh breadcrumbs and a new discovery: milk.  Marinate your meat in milk and it makes it super tender.


Brun Sovs – this is a gravy made from the pan I fried the Frikadeller in with a hint of cream too.

Rødkål – Sweet and sour red cabbage simmered with cider vinegar and red currant juice/ jelly though I used a blueberry cordial we got from Ikea that’s equally sweet.  Waitrose do a pretty good version of this too.




Kartoffelsalat – Made with the baked potatoes (like when making gnocchi) and I made mine sour cream-less and served it warm.



Hot Dogs – Supposedly very popular street food in Denmark, so I grilled up some party friendly chipolatas – party friendly because you can eat more of them guilt-free. Plus caramelised onion.

Agurkesalat – Top your hot dogs with pickled cucumbers, mine weren’t pickled for very long but proved a perfect combination to the sausages.  Definitely having this accompaniment in barbecue season.


If I’m being honest, I was not too enthused when I realised it’d be a Danish menu on the cards with my only experience of the cuisine being those big gold tins of biscuits and a few generic pastries.  Having done my research and being highly impressed with the little results, I now realise why Copenhagen is home to the world’s best restaurant and the recent hype surrounding Scandinavia as a whole.  And my guests Annie and Abi loved it too, I mean look at their happy, un-staged faces.  If Denmark win Eurovision again, I’ll source some pickled herrings… maybe.




Thanks to My Danish Kitchen, The Chalk Hills Kitchen and Scandinavian Today for their informative, Danish blog posts.

5 thoughts on “EUROVISION 2014 ~ Danish Cuisine

  1. Camilla says:

    What a fab array of typical Danish dishes you did although Frikerdeller would never be all beef, usually all pork:-) You’ve put me in the mood for some agurkesalat:-)

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