CAU ~ Kingston upon Thames


Here’s a restaurant by the makers of Gaucho that with luck will evolve into a good chain to visit, at least Abi, Annie and I can hope.  The first CAU (Carne Argentina Unica) was opened in Amsterdam, it has a fusion menu but specialises in Argentinian steak.  Over the past few years the chain has been rolled out in the English suburbs, with the latest opening last month on the new riverside complex of Kingston.  You’re impressed by my research I hope!  



The steaks themselves were less impressive for their price, and dwarfed by huge plates but not bad.  Their large menu makes me want to try one of their more exciting flavour combinations (aka anything but steak), so I guess I’ll give them another chance sometime.  Chips-wise get the fries not the wedges or altogether branch out and try their more interesting-looking sides.  Adventurousness seems to go a long way here, even if they did set out to serve affordable steaks, the other dishes now seem more appealing. 


The desserts were delicious, I had the pancakes with dulce de leche and their ice-cream was worth the long wait too. The service was quite slow because the CAUgirls and CAUboys were still being trained.  Weirdly they also seemed to helpfully offer sunglasses and caps to customers dining al fresco (see below).  


I’m sure they can establish themselves as a reliable enough chain restaurant given their success in other branches, but they’re that bit pricier than their competitors, especially if you want the good steak.  If all else fails, we decided the chic, white plastic décor could easily be turned into a riverside nightclub: win, win.


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