Baked Beans


These are different (not necessarily better) to Heinz beans, I do love Heinz beans, but these are smokey and wholesome.  I was inspired by Katie at The Travelling Pantry’s recipe, boy I wish I had had some pork belly!  It’s quite a wintery dish but London’s still cold in June.

Dried beans seems to be favoured among the recipes but I used tinned cannellini.  To them I added half my storecupboard, see photo below, plus well fried onion and bacon.  It’s rare that a vegetable, lentil or pulse dish isn’t enhanced by fried onions.  I love onion, my blog was nearly called ‘The Remorseful Onion’ in the idea that an onion makes you cry but then makes up for it by tasting really good.  No, I don’t know what goes on in my head and besides that was before I honed anthropomorphising vegetables.  Anyway, here’s some photos of onion:










Unlike slow-cooked Boston Beans I just simmered these for a few minutes before putting them to bake for about half an hour to get that dark skin.  Minus the bacon, this is a really nice, filling vegetarian dish, that doesn’t have to take long.  No it’s not going to replace Heinz but it’s a good brunch and as I only used a spoonful of treacle and no sugar, I think it counts as moderately healthy as well!


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