Romesco Sauce


This is a Valentine Warner ‘What to eat now S/S’ recipe.  He is great and his website is really jam-packed, from spotify playlists to cook along to, to the mother of seasonal calendars.

If you like making your own pesto then try this sauce.  Romesco seems way more substantial than red pesto because half of it is pulped down roasted vegetables, but nutty too like a Spanish satay.  You can make it with old vegetables that are on the turn if you have some, as you have to roast them in a really hot oven anyway.  I haven’t seen romesco sauce in any supermarkets so you’ll have to make it to enjoy it.





It’s a really good accompaniment for BBQ meats, fish or veg, because the roasted flavour of the garlic, peppers, tomatoes and almonds echoes the smokey BBQ flavour.  I served it with slices of herb roasted pork tenderloin to dip into.  Alternatively you can serve it just running through some pasta and pop it into the fridge for it mature for the next day.



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