Elderflower and Strawberry Jellies


A quick note to start with, it looks like my Eurovision photo is the winner of my poll so I’ll be submitting that to the Observer competition, thanks to all of you that voted!

As I’m writing this I’m catching up with Rachel Khoo’s latest Kitchen Notebook series on the Good Food channel.  If you’ve not been watching it’s on every night this week as well (for those of you in the UK), she’s a great artist in her food and everything that goes with it, from the programming to her sketches.  Here’s a nice celebratory recipe of Rachel’s for the strawberry/Wimbledon season.  And if like me, you find yourself with a few different complimentary cordials in the cupboard then mix them up for a change.  I added a bit of ginger and lemongrass cordial to the elderflower just so it wasn’t too sweet.









I seem like a spokesperson for Bottlegreen cordials, they are good but if you make your own then even better.  I had the best homemade elderflower cordial at my friend Julia’s in the West Country last summer.


It looks pretty impressive given it takes less energy than whisking cubed jelly, willing it to dissolve; this turns out almost like a still life of whatever pieces of fruit you put in.  I think the next step would be adding a bit of fizz to it, to harness the bubbles.

Serve with cream, ice cream or custard.


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