Chocolate, Orange & Pistachio Biscotti


Whenever I bake now I tend to consult whether there is a Paul Hollywood recipe, as you can guarantee it’ll be reliable.  If there comes a time where his recipe fails me I’ll probably write an open letter of complaint to him.  I followed his chocolate and orange biscotti recipe adding 100g of pistachios (half chopped, half whole) instead of hazelnuts.








I was making them as a gift for a few chocolate lovers so I substituted Hollywood’s 30g of extra flour for 30g cocoa, and added 25g more chocolate chunks because why not use the whole 200g slab!  Anyway don’t get bogged down by the numbers, the fact is his recipe for a biscotti lends itself to whatever chocolate, fruit or nuts that you want/ have to put in.



And once they’ve been twice baked and cooled, they’re ready to be wrapped or boxed up in individual packages, plus their sturdy enough to be squashed around sit in a train for 4 hours.  Tried and tested.



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