Guardian Column Shoot


As I mentioned before I had gone for a masterclass to learn a bit about food writing and photography from the professionals a few weeks back.  Jill Mead, the photographer talking at the event was nice enough to invite me along to watch a shoot for the Guardian’s Ruby Tandoh column (Ruby of course of Great British Bake Off fame)!













So to give you a little lowdown on what goes on at a shoot or at least at this shoot (without letting you know the secrets of the inner shoot circle), there’s a whole team present: Rosie Reynolds was the Home Economist and Food Stylist, aka kitchen wizard, making most of the food at the shoot itself in the kitchen attached to the lofty studio space in East London.  Ruby writes the recipes for Rosie’s use so she wasn’t present at the shoot.

Wei Tang was the Prop stylist, picking out the most beautiful crockery from her own collection as well as a couple of prop houses.












Rachel Vere, the picture editor managed the shoot and knew to eye how the photos would be cropped and published for print and online.  And of course, Jill was manning the camera to great effect – notice the use of precariously balanced tripods and ladders for overhead shots.


Everything on the shoot was edible and nothing weird was done to it (no unsavoury glazes or sprays of oil), nothing weird had to be done to it because it was delicious and looked perfect, so I guess there’s no secrets in the inner circle!  Assisting Rosie was Chilean Food Blogger Maida Mas, check out her (much better) shots of the day on her blog Como y Existo.






Thanks again to the whole team that were so welcoming to me coming and observing them at work, it was really a food blogger’s dream!  I’ll probably do a few retweets of the columns as they come out so keep your eyes out because -claim to fame- I can say I ate that food and held up a few reflectors!


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