Bill’s ~ Richmond Upon Thames

I know that Bill’s has been around for a couple of years but they’re opening a few new branches for those of you up North and I wanted to find out what the brunch hype was about. I always thought Bill’s was a Bill Granger creation but he just has the two in central London, also confusingly specialising in Brunch. Brunch has become really popular in the royal boroughs, I guess so pretty young things can nurse their hangovers and discuss the night before. Anyway it’s worth booking ahead, with their breakfast and lunch menus overlapping between 12 and 1pm at the weekends try then for optimum choice.

The service was ok, the food came out quickly and the staff were nice but I did get a hilarious phonecall from within the restaurant asking when I was going to turn up, to which I just tried to wave from my booth in reply!

My friends Carrie, Moeko, and I all opted for the breakfast menu with sweet potato fries from the lunch menu. It’s a bit pricey when you add the black pudding and extras but the quality is high. There’s a good attention to detail with a tiny bit of pesto on the grilled tomatoes and crispy, crispy bacon.

WP_001418_edited We then, very irresponsibly decided to all have a very heavy eton mess. It’s done with mascarpone as well as double cream so it’s mighty dense, the milkshake or pecan pie might have been a better decision or nothing at all! They also do afternoon tea at Bill’s which seems like it’ll be nice in their funnily furnished, old pub venue overlooking the river. Plus they had exciting doggy bags for pick ‘n’ mix and goodies. Expect to spend quite a bit than the average brunch when you come here.












With fresh OJ as well it was a big feed and not just families as I’d expected.  Basically believe the hype because it’s a good brunch, but I’d reserve it for a special occasion, or a light hangover so you can enjoy it.

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