Wimbledon Final 2014 Lunch


We’re big tennis fans in my family, so it’s appropriate we have a good lunch to accompany the 4 hour Men’s final.DSC_2534_edited

I went totally non-traditional on this menu and it’s all a bit of a fusion.  I was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s LA-style turkey salad, chargrilling some turkey breasts with the spicy rub Jamie mentions.  I tossed the turkey with some pepper, radish and romaine lettuce.  The dressing was super easy, some yoghurt, lime juice and walnut oil beaten together, I added a bit of fresh mint too.

I served it with a salad of roasted sweet potato, basil and feta.  For some reason the potato was like apple after being in the oven for over half an hour so I remedied it by adding a slug more oil and microwaving it (I was on a time-frame!).  This added cooking made the crumbled feta into lovely crunchy, golden nuggets.


For dessert I shunned the strawberries and cream for something more weather-appropriate, a berry yoghurt pudding, which was quicker than hulling a punnet of strawberries.  Just whip eggs, yoghurt and honey together and layer with raspberries and blueberries.  It’s like a fluffy baked custard and tart from the berries.


I like it when you can bake two dishes at the same time in the oven, the pudding might have been a smidge overcooked and the potatoes undercooked but not dramatically.  Plus if you can turn any event into one involving food then you’re going to be happy, especially when Djokovic wins!DSC_2546_edited


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