Nutella-Stuffed Cookies


I made these cookies a while ago and the photos have lingered in my files because I think I probably can’t match the pretty photography of Natasha from Butter Baking, where I found the recipe.  But the word needs to be spread, 3 ingredients, no butter or oil, just nutella, an egg and flour.  Apparently what they put in nutella is already enough to make a multitude of desserts and bakes, my friend Annie made a delicious nutella panna cotta recently.











I did go rogue and used a tub of Whole Earth chocolate spread instead of just nutella.  We weirdly had no chocolate, or anything sweet in the house but a bit of nutella and a full expired jar of Whole Earth spread.  Luckily I had the patience not to just attack with a spoon, but little patience is required anyway as it takes about five minutes.


What I will say is the dough is super oily, oil is what they put in nutella (you can see the oil on the greaseproof)!  And as you sandwich a spoon of cold nutella between to rounds of dough it means you only get a batch of about twelve.








I was very fearful of molten nutella so the centres of my cookies aren’t as luscious looking as on Butter Baking but they tasted equally good I’m sure.  The different chocolate spread worked exactly the same if a nut-free version is needed.  The ultimate store-cupboard bake that even Betty Crocker users can execute!DSC_2361


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