En route to Glastonbury, my friend Julia and I met up with our friend Molly who took us to the Bristol Folk House for an afternoon snack at their café.  Unfortunately they’d finished serving lunch when we got there at about 3.30ish but they still serve pizza and a selection of cakes including gluten free ones.



















The Folk House is an adult education centre, the venue took me back to being at primary school, in a good nostalgic way!  Sitting in the garden was lovely with it’s well-watered potted plants and creepers lining the urban courtyard.  Our veggie-loaded pizza was nice, as you can see it had a lot of onions but I love onions so was a fan.


We then had a bit of cake, the others opting for a good gooey but crisp-topped brownie, while I had their gluten free chocolate and hazelnut slice. The slice was nice and substantial, unlike some GF stuff where they’ve clearly just omitted the flour from the recipe.  They’re slightly under London prices which I’ve found rare in Bristol, plus they have that nice crockery.


Their food is made with “organic,local, clean and ethical ingredients” so another plus in going to this independent establishment.  It’s a nice, spacious spot to have coffee, a peaceful haven hidden away in a busy part of the city.  I hope I have the opportunity to go for lunch there sometime or their bar looked pretty well-stocked too…



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