Aubergine Parmigiana (and new developments!)


I know I keep mentioning Glastonbury, but I couldn’t help but try and recreate this Nuts café dish.  There’s always the risk that what you’ll make won’t live up to the dish you’ve tasted, generally it’s nice in it’s own way but not the same, which is good enough to satisfy a craving for the most part.

Eating undercooked aubergine is like eating raw potato, but then you don’t want it saturated with oil either, I cut the aubergine very thin and layered it with the sauce, no pre-cooking necessary.  DSC_2509

My tomato sauce tends to just be softened onion, tinned tomatoes with a spoon of sugar, dried and fresh herbs and seasoning.  I don’t add meat stock for this as why attempt to make something veggie taste of meat.


I passed on topping the dish with breadcrumbs and mixed some mozzarella with the parmesan instead, then left the whole assembled dish to cook for about 40 minutes till the top was golden and the aubergine tender.


Now whilst I’m talking about recreating dishes, I have some plans in the pipeline to feature some more Sri Lankan recipes on the blawg.  I won’t completely depart from the random menu I’ve got going, but do expect some things you probably haven’t heard of, some failed attempts from me I’m sure and a hell of a lot more chilli!


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