Riverside Feast ~ The Power of Summer, Battersea


1908381_10150453612229980_4360422993609025854_nThis week I reunited with my friend Jess at Street Feast London’s latest summer pop-up feastival at Battersea Power Station.  The little riverside venue is free entry before 6pm (£5 after or you can book tickets in advance online) and if you fancy an outdoor film they’ve paired up with Everyman cinema too, plus there were trampolines as well but I think they’re meant for kids.









I’ve been waiting to go to the bigger Dalston version of Street Feast for a while but since they’d come to this side of the Capital I thought I’d take the chance before the power station redevelopment.  One of the reasons I’d been wanting to go was to sample Le Bun, french american food that made it onto the street food scene after a talent search called Ones to Watch on Sky.  Le Bun’s mentor on the show was Gizzi Erskine and they were first brought to my attention through their feature on her Sunday Times column.

About 10 different stalls were packed into shipping containers lining grass and picnic tables with a view of the power station and river, what I didn’t realise was that they rotate the traders so it’s worth checking twitter to see who will be there for what weekend.

WP_001509 WP_001512











Most importantly Le Bun were there and I had a their signature Le Bourguignon Bun: Beef short rib, bourguignon glaze, truffle mayo, bacon salt, champagne slaw, served in a toasted brioche bun.  And man was it tasty, lacking in one thing which was onion, but otherwise the best combination of savoury slow cooked meat and luxurious sweet and textured condiments.  Sometimes a brioche bun seems a bit of an overkill, too rich or sweet but this was just right.  My photo doesn’t do it justice, their David Loftus photo is a thing of perfection if you want to see the burger in all its glory.

The founders of Le Bun unfortunately weren’t there for me to reel off that paragraph to them and generally praise them on fulfilling the word ‘hipster’ into one shipping container, though praise also goes to all the guys cooking in a heatwave at the feast.

10574251_10154385893080500_6388317466018473086_n WP_001510









To relieve customers from the heat there were giant festival cocktails being served, though what Jess and I were presented with wasn’t synonymous with the word ‘giant’, it was just a pint and it was £10.  I’m still adjusting back to London prices, that said my summer punch as I think it was named was rather refreshing and lemony.  If I go again I’d go up top to the rooftop rum bar equipped with artificial grass!









Sweet food not to be seen, we decided to get some fries from Dip and Flip with added peri-peri-type salt, which hit the spot, may have to pay a visit to their permanent residence in Battersea sometime.

WP_001519 WP_001520










Hopefully if I next go to the feast there will be some Asian food and I do want to try BBQ at Hotbox at some point as I failed to get one at Glastonbury too.  Yes you could just go to Dalston but Battersea is a pretty cool theme-park-esque venue whilst it’s here for one month only.


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