Bundt Cake


I hadn’t baked a bundt cake before and was nervous of it sticking to the tin as I usually like to line tins generously with baking paper and then ice right angles and curves in (shh don’t tell Paul and Mary). But the bundt is all about angles, there’s nowhere to hide.  Now I know: butter the tin well and dust with flour and you don’t even need a denser sponge cake batter, ease the cake a bit at the top of the tin and it’ll slip right out.  Don’t overdo it with the butter or it will just stew in the tin and the resulting cake will be greasy.  I flavoured this cake with instant coffee dissolved in a little water and some ground mixed spice.


As for the topping I used the same quick chocolate sauce I used for the waffle cake.  Then I sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts and fashionable bitter cacao nibs.  A pretty good, cheat’s icing on top of the cake.



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