Hello all, it feels as though it’s been an age since I’ve blogged.  There’s so many things I want to blog about but I figured I’d fill you in about my food highlights from Glasgow, as my family and I went in August and it’s nearly October…

The Little Café – Opposite the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum there are a few little cafes and restaurants and this one was appropriately named and looked nice and Ikea-esque.  So it just had to get a mention for their millionaire’s shortbread with digestive base and chocolate and mixed nut tart, both faultless.  Apparently known for their pizzas and espressos among the students too.

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The Butchershop Bar & Grill – Since I started blogging myself I’ve been reading a lot more of others’ blogs too, so I had a panic search of the Glasgow Food Geek’s blog.  I’m in total agreement with her ratings, it was a great meal.  Also opposite the Kelvingrove  the set menu is £13.95 (+£3 for the rump steak) for 2 courses.


I started with the soup of the day, cullen skink which was hearty and just the right amount of smokey from the fish, too huge a portion for me with a steak to come.  The steak was served with fries, pepper sauce and a grilled tomato.  Grilled tomatoes never really appeal to me and I usually leave them when served with a fry-up but this was so delicious, the pepper sauce not so much.  My steak was tasty, though I think the set menu lunch diners might be getting the worst of the best cuts as it was a mixed bag for toughness and sinews for our table where we all had the rump steak.  I enjoyed it and the service was good, if I went to university there it’d be the place you go to when your parents visit.








Café Alba – Now this is a bit niche as it was in the residential bit in Milngavie (pronounced Mal-guy) but it did too delightful a breakfast/ brunch to not get a mention.  Fry-up with haggis included and potato pancakes rather than hashbrowns for a change.  Plus coffees with extra froth.


Glengoyne Distillery – Whisky, as I’m told is the correct spelling is to me best had with or in food, but I was impressed by the team at Glengoyne.  We arrived too late at the beautiful location, nestled under a hill to go on the tour but were treated to a tasting and the ageing process and taste differences were explained well.  Not entirely a food highlight but it’s worth the scenic drive out of the city and shouldn’t be knocked by whisky beginners.

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