Halloween Meringue Skeleton

DSC_3914_editedThanks to waitrose for inspiring me to make bones out of my leftover egg whites, otherwise I would have had to have made another batch of regulation school beehive meringues. The novelty factor definitely makes things more appetising when you’ve been eating meringue based food from school for a week.

I’m not great with proportions so I printed a stencil off the internet and shoved it under the silicon baking paper. At school we use the swiss method, with a ratio of 50g caster sugar for every egg white, here I used cane which is why it’s a tinge browner, creating more old and yellowed bones.


Use week old egg whites (or new with a pinch of salt) at room temperature and if you want a really stable mix then whisk it in a copper bowl, though I doubt anyone owns one of those… You need stiff peaks, adding the in tablespoons and whisking back to stiff after each addition, that way you’re mixture won’t collapse and lean like my pretty meringue girl kisses did.


Then 120C bottom shelf for a couple of hours till they’re dry throughout and peel away from the paper. The simplicity of the recipe is you can use it for pavlova too, just whisk in cornflour (for mallowyness) and white wine vinegar (for crispness) at the end and pile it in a big nest.


You could dip these into some sweetened whipped cream, or some tart, pulped down raspberries resembling fake blood. Happy Halloween.



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