Saturday Kitchen


Not having written in a while, I’m enjoying people asking after my blog as if it is my baby. No it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but yes it does make me happy. The feeble reason I have for my neglect is school, combined with some exciting work experience; services at a restaurant launch and rubbing shoulders with top chefs on Saturday Kitchen. I got up at the early hour of 5am to get down to the impressively kitted-out, Cactus kitchen studios, luckily they laid on a big crew breakfast, and you can’t complain as all the talent were there just as early.


5am at the studios

There’s a rehearsal and then the live show, hence the early start and that way we could all have a taste of everything twice!  The rehearsal also meant the crew could try out another two deep fat fryers, as the studio one wasn’t getting to temperature, apparently a saucepan of oil is against health and safety, thankfully one of the fryers worked so chips were on the menu. Similar to the Guardian editorial shoot I visited, the home economists receive the recipes and prepare anything that can be made in advance. This means lots of slow cooker dishes at different stages of cooking, a bit like Blue Peter. Also the recipes are trialled the day before so camera can get close ups of the dishes.

The guest chefs were Sabrina Ghayour and Marcus Wareing, with Pauline Mclynn (of Father Ted) choosing her heaven or hell. A wide variety of dishes were served, a favourite of mine being James Martin’s crab rarebit, one I’ll be trying at home, served with the long-awaited chips!

The Christmas set for 'Christmas Kitchen'

The Christmas props for ‘Christmas Kitchen’

Hats off to all the runners, quite a few last minute trips to Sainsbury’s were needed and the studios home the most amount of crockery I have ever seen (50ish pyrex bowls), which they seemed to magic into storage by lunchtime. A thank you to everyone for having me tag along, my blog appreciates it.


Also I accidentally took this lanyard, please someone let me know if I have to return it..

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