Cooking for 50

Third day back at school for intermediate term and me and three of my friends, Chand, Emily and Lucie were the first to cook for 50 other students. We decided on an Indian and Sri Lankan menu, as Chand is Indian and it was only fair to do both! Prior planning had gone into it but the 4 of us had been on different continents over the Christmas break so it was tough trying to explain what these foreign dishes were.
The menu read as:


After going a bit pinterest crazy I played on the cricket rivalry and came up with a hashtag for the day and Lucie designed posters and menus. Needless to say it didn’t trend but there was some buzz: a tweet and an instagram, woop. I also cut out 50 cardboard elephants that my brother drew a template for which I still have no idea what they were for but they looked nice with the napkins.

The 3 hours we had to cook and prep the room went relatively smoothly. Emily and I blitzed the first hour and half and got our dishes on the hobs, shortly after I clumsily burnt myself, I’ll spare you a photo.
Close to service got a bit manic, with what felt like the whole staff room watching us plate up/throw hundreds of bhajis.

altAmtCMB__TRnxwy9xHQ40qcWljNYE_XZu1NvlMWhMM6pSThe feedback was everything we hoped for, it went really well, as I wrote on our self evaluation form. The beans could have been a bit less cooked and I so wish I had bought in palm leaf plates to save on washing but we loved it and the praise was a great boost at the start of the term.

I hope it’s gotten people interested in Sri Lankan food. I don’t claim it was totally authentic but hopefully it’ll be a preview of what’s to come in emerging UK tastes…


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