Burns Night Supperclub


Last weekend I hosted a dinner to celebrate Burns night and get some private catering practice!
For starters I made Rumbledethumps cakes, like bubble and squeak it’s mashed potato with cabbage that I shaped into little patties and fried in butter. Served with watercress and homemade mayonnaise that I successfully made in a food processor for the first time (it did split once), just an egg yolk to 150ml oil trickled in. Now I don’t have to slave over a bowl with a wooden spoon, although it was turning out to be a good, though somewhat embarrassing party trick.

I couldn’t not serve haggis but wary of it not being the most popular British dish I opted for concealing it/ enhancing it with a recipe I found from fellow blogger, What Claire Baked.
I did quite a thick white sauce and deliberately made the dish in advance to let it firm up on cooling so I could slice it into clean portions.


Dessert was the most labour intensive course, I attempted to make homemade Tunnocks teacakes; with shortbread and whisky Burns burnt caramel sauce. I used a James Martin marshmallow recipe and adapted another blogger recipe for the sauce plus made a simple shortbread with the addition of rice flour for the extra crunch.


I was really pleased with the reactions to the food and surprised even that the plates were cleared of the foreign haggis. I’m really excited to develop new menus for events and dinner parties as I’m learning more at school, please get in touch on the contact tab if you’re interested in sampling some food!


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