I feel like I’ve been running on empty in terms of writing since I started my course back in September, there’s been the pressure of writing something with substance; teaching people what I’ve learnt, plus uploading good quality daylight photos through winter.  My life’s so tough, I know.  I’ll try and take the time to make some lovely posts that I’m proud of that you can enjoy, though more importantly some food I love that I hope you will too.  So for now, a purely joyful dessert, tiramisu.

If you watched the new Italy Unpacked series with Giorgio Locatelli and Andrew Graham Dixon (the serious version of The Trip, Andrew and Steve Coogan being interchangeable) then you’ll have seen the supposed birthplace of this dish, Veneto.  Eaten as titled as a ‘pick me up’ for elvenses it’s the perfect excuse to eat dessert before lunch.


I use the more classical Heston Blumenthal recipe (not the flowerpot one with chocolate soil), which the Bristol Foodie kindly has uploaded on her site.  It’s almost as if you’re making condensed milk with cream and sugar and adding it to the mascarpone and whipped cream, just the right sweetness.  There’s coffee running through the cream mix as well as in the sponge fingers for that added buzz.  The real break from tradition is the coarsely chopped chocolate to accompany the cocoa, it just adds a nice contrast in texture.


You can’t get the full effect of the layers in the dish I’ve presented it in because it tapers (and I didn’t think about that did I?!), nevertheless a solid keeper in my recipe portfolio.  I’m looking forward to finishing what is set to be a lovely Italian meal with my classmates with individual ones tonight.  Happy Sunday.


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