Diana Henry’s A Change Of Appetite


I recently bought a copy of Diana Henry’s book A Change of Appetite (released last year) and it’s delightful.  Being a fan of Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries I like a book that reads with the seasons as Henry’s does.  I’ve only trialled a few recipes but I am definitely adding them to my school portfolio (no, really I have to come up with a portfolio, watch this space!)DSC_4329

Winter brought this haddock with Indian scented lentils which was a nice fusion dish, filling enough for the cold months but without being stodgy.  Excuse my liberal topping of caramelised onion, it’s sort of thrown the aesthetics.

I hadn’t made Vietnamese rolls before but found them a more than appropriate springtime lunch, despite also being known as summer rolls.  Now I have a pack of about 50 more of the rice paper rolls, these alien things look a bit like opaque, white gelatine sheets but held under warm water till wrinkly and soft and transparent they hydrate.  They’re really easy but you need the nuoc cham dipping sauce to add flavour.



Our favourite of the spring dishes so far has been the Japanese ginger and garlic chicken; I used the marinade on a spatchcocked chicken, skin on which was a delicious addition.  Married with smashed cucumber it was a lovely balanced dinner, with a nice hum of heat from the marinade and the pickled ginger and raw garlic in the cucumber smash.


Not only a great coffee table book for it’s romantic imagery, I think the book is a taste of what’s happening in the British food scene, fusion of flavours, a mixing pot of world cuisine with a view for health and everyday cooking.  I look forward to her newly released book, A Bird in the Hand, seeing as I pick out all the meat recipes!

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