March ~ April Eating Out LONDON

A few highlights from the last few weeks…

TOZI, Victoria

As a celebration for finishing the second term of culinary school, my classmates and I went to share small plates at Tozi, an upmarket Italian restaurant.  Plenty of good wine means there’s no photos but my judgement wasn’t clouded.  We were seated right next to their open kitchen where they service the cold deli and wood oven plates.  Though the flat bellinis were served in tumblers and they overloaded us with unsavoury gluten free bread (after a request for 1 at a table of 7) they redeemed themselves with delicious food.  Stand out dishes included juicy buratta, meaty, deep flavoured ox cheek and the special of a generous helping of truffle on risotto.  Great for a party of 6 of less so you can get a bigger share and order more as it’s quite expensive.

BAO, Soho

After a steaming demonstration in school my friend Chand and I both realised we shared a love for dim sum.  We had been to flesh and buns, been to standard Chinatown haunts bit were still on he search for the perfect steamed bun.  The new Bao in soho (the original one is in hackney) is definitely a contender, no reservations so be ready to queue.  The highlight was unusually the lamb shoulder bao which actually tasted a lot like a North Indian lamb nihari, slow cooked and laced with chilli.  In fact everything was spice rich, though the aubergine packed a bit too much raw spice flavour.  I’ll definitely be going to bao again because you’re buying per bao I want to try the whole menu.

MONKEY TEMPLE, Shepherd’s Bush

I went here this week, it’s a newly refurbished Nepalese restaurant that I had heard good reviews about.  All the food was delicious, I’d advise going for the Nepalese dishes as they do Indian food too and it’s nice to have their specialities.  I was very excited to see momos on the menu as I had them at a Tibetan food truck at Glastonbury and it’s just another form of dim sum, they lived up to my expectations.  Will have to go again to try their deep-fried momos!  Another dish to try is there super spicy (3 chillies on the menu) Choyela, tandoori lamb in a chilli and ginger sauce, you’ll suffer with the heat but keep eating it for the deliciousness.

HAN, New Malden

To round up my little tour I have to tell you about the Korean BBQ and KARAOKE (!!!) gem in the suburbs.  Really tasty, fresh food, cooked at the table.  The mojitos weren’t bad too.  I really just want to talk about the very pink room which we were led to for an hour karaoke session, don’t worry it’s not in Korean, there’s an extensive song list and automatic disco lights.  Book to avoid disappointment.

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