EUROVISION 2015 ~ Austrian Cuisine


A bit late, but after a year of waiting my friends and I sat down to another night of new tastes and the same old europop.  Luckily I knew a bit more about Austrian food than Danish food, so I picked a few of my favourite dishes.

We started with Kaesspaetzle, little higgledy-piggledy pasta shapes made by pushing a loose dough through a colander.  I had made this before but the recipe I followed this time gave me a super thick dough that just cooked into the holes of the colander, it was a nightmare.  I quickly whipped up another batch with a lot more milk, almost pancake batter consistency and phew it was rescued, with plenty of emmental and onion.DSC_4755_edited

Accompanying the Kaesspaetzle was the famous Schnitzel. I decided on pork tenderloin, bashed to 1cm thickness, double panéd and fried in butter, mmm.


With a mixed salad of courgette, pepper and fennel, perhaps Austrian, perhaps leftover vegetables from school..

After slaving over the stove to try and correct the spaetzle I had minimal time to whip up dessert in the voting segment.  Kaiserschmarrn is one of the best variations on a pancake.  Beat the egg whites up and fold them into the yolks, flour, sugar and a handful of raisins, pan fry, flip and shred into mouthfuls.  Dusted with icing sugar and served with warm sharp apple sauce.  It’s real comfort food and a new alternative for pancake day.


Next year Sweden YA!

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