Sri Lankan Ice Coffee

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I questioned whether this was called ‘ice coffee’ or ‘iced coffee’ I guess because the Sri Lankan accent swallows the end of the word, either way it’s pretty self-explanatory.  When you go to Sri Lankan cafés or kades, you’ll get a glass of this with a straw, a welcome antidote if you’re pairing it with some chilli hot shorteats.  Across South East Asia there seems to be variations of this e.g. in Vietnam, always with the addition of that old lady’s storecupboard staple, condensed milk.  The coffee seems to be less important in the whole process, I imagine it’s always made with instant Nescafé granules but use whatever you prefer, got some Guatemala Antigua kicking around, throw that in.

2015-07-31 09.06.032015-07-31 09.11.03

The recipe is very easy, combining one tin of (397g) condensed milk with about 5 cups of cooled black coffee and a splash of vanilla and brandy.  I made this a couple of times whilst I was away at university and used to add some regular milk in and then pour the whole thing back into the milk bottle to store it.- I think this is like how some Asian people use old ice cream tubs to store curry, not the best surprise in the freezer.  But note if you’re adding regular milk it’ll only keep as long as the milk expiry date, otherwise I’d keep it for around a week.

Make this before it gets too wintery, really nice and refreshing in place of dessert or a shot for breakfast if you’re really hardcore.

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2 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Ice Coffee

  1. rasakama says:

    “Iced coffee” or “ice coffee” hmmmmm I am repeating them over and over again to see which one is right. Hehe. You are so right. It’s probably the accent.

    A truly simply recipe, but sooooooo delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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