Designer Cakes 

I’ve been even more quiet on here than usual, stewing away waiting for the perfect topic to talk about. Waiting for inspiration to hit, deeming photos not good enough to post.  But I think I’ll just cool it for a second and get real, let’s talk about something everyone wants to hear: cake. (N.B. This may have something to do with the fact I’ve given up sugar temporarily and am suffering withdrawal.)

Those of you on Instagram will be hard pressed not to have insta cakes crop up in their exploration.  Personally, I have become a bit obsessed, drip cakes, chocolate sails, edible flowers.  What was once a treat is now a staple food and so to make the special occasion cake actually special, you need to throw a lot onto it. I’m talking kinder buenos, split open maltesers, homemade macarons.  The sandwich cakes of Victorian old that didn’t realise they were naked aren’t on the menu on the high end, instead replaced with Deliciously Stella/Anges de sucre named ‘supermodel’cakes, thin and tall.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I myself am enjoying doing my best Katherine Sabbath impression.  I’m also enjoying the popularity of buttercream vs. fondant in my pursuit of making London’s next top model.  I’ve even be known to give people the social excuse ‘sorry I really have to design this cake’. But cakes have to taste as good as they look, otherwise it defeats the point.  No one wants a fridge-stale cake in compromise for a crisp edge, even if they have the whole tuck shop on top.  What’s in the inside matters too -gut me a cake already (being sugar free sucks)!

The next time someone makes you a cake (not shaming but Betty Croker doesn’t count), enjoy it with every sense.

I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the coming trends in cake-making, (London readers) if you’re interested in one of my celebration cakes then please get in touch.

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