Kricket ~ Brixton, London


What a better way to spend a hot weekend than indulging in some good food and drink.  Little did I know it’d be one of the best meals I can recount of recent years, but then again it does come at the recommendation of Michel Roux Jr.  A modest holding in POP BRIXTON but a huge presence on social media, Kricket specialises in Indian small plates and cocktails.  Two long tables are nestled into their shipping container though if you’re early in the queue (yes it’s no reservations) you can sit in the POP complex, I opted for inside just in order to get served from the popular micro-kitchen at the expense of it being a bit smokey.  The decor is minimal with a nod to JKS (Trishna, Hoppers..) and Dishoom. 

Drinks I must admit didn’t wow, I got their gin and tonic from a menu with little choice of cocktails given they claim to specialise in them.  Having said that, I do appreciate the fact they don’t push beer on you as many a ‘curry house’ does.  But that all paled into insigificance in comparison to the food.


The beautiful stoneware that the dishes are served on make the food instagrammable (legit word right?) from any angle.  Small plates I thought would just be family-style rice and curry sharing but the nature of the plate coming out felt like a tasting menu for two, plus an encore of KFC (Keralan Fried Chicken) because I’m greedy.


Bhel puri



Crab meen moilee


Grilled sweet potato


Grilled lamp rump, burnt onion raita and wild garlic chutney


KFC, pickled mooli and curry leaf mayonnaise

Every dish was fresh and packing flavour, nostalgic of traditional, regional Indian food but put through a time machine and plated with a sprinkling of micro herbs.  The crab meen moilee was a highlight, sweet crab, creamy coconut and bitter, crisp radicchio leaves, adorned with crushed peanuts.  I can’t fault much on the menu, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every bit of the savoury plates, plus they were all very complimentary though influenced from different Indian states.  The gulab jamun wasn’t the best I’ve had but was the perfect morsel to round of an excellent meal.


Gulab jamun

Will Bowlby is the chef behind the menu, you can tell he has a natural flare for these flavours and sound experience, plus probably loves curry leaves.  The bill came to around £25 per person with one drink.  Now I understand why everyone south of the river has been singing Kricket’s praises and I will be too, get down there this summer.


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